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The GGTC Run Program focuses on both speed and distance workouts: Track, Trail/Urban runs and clinics. All workouts are geared towards beginners and experienced triathletes and welcome runners of any speed. Rain or shine!
Non-members are always welcome! 
Track Workouts 
What to get faster? Join us every Wednesday night for some hard work and speed! 
Track workouts are included as part of your yearly membership dues!  No more paying for passes!
All paces, abilities, and experience levels are encouraged to attend.
First Track Workout: February. See Calendar for details.
Location: Kezar Stadium
670 Kezar Drive, San Francisco, CA, 94118
*Meet in the stands on the southeast corner of the track
Time: 6:45pm 
Season: February - November
What to bring:
- Bag to separate wet & dry clothes
- Running shoes
- Digital watch (anything to keep time)
- Water bottle & nutrient 
- Extra clothes for after the workout
- Head lamp (before Feb & after Nov)
- Cell phone (in case of emergency) 
- Medication & first aid
- Lucky charm & a smiling face 
Weekend Runs
Depending on race schedules most long runs will be scheduled on Sundays.
Please check the calendar for updated events! 
Adding your own workouts are encouraged! Share your training plans and possibly find your next training partner!
Organized Runs 
We have club and volunteer-led training runs in scenic locations around the Bay Area. The routes incorporate everything from reviews of the courses of local races to challenging and fun trail adventures, with varying distances and levels of difficulty. Be on the look out for:
  • Course Previews
  • Shoe Demos
  • Store supported runs
  • Brick workouts
  • Beer miles
  • Trail runs
GGTC Supported Races
  • Kaiser Half & 5K: Feb 14
  • Bay to Breakers: May 15
  • Trans-Tahoe Relay: July 16
  • SF Marathon & Half Marathon: July 31
  • The North Face Endurance Challenge: Dec 2016
  • Lake Merced Christmas Relays: Dec 2016

Track Coach

Mario Fraioli

Background: Mario believes that runners and triathletes should never be too far removed from any of the three main components involved in running fast—pure speed, muscular endurance and aerobic strength. In order to become a faster runner and more well-rounded athlete in general, it's important to pay attention to each of these elements, with the emphasis shifting depending on the season. Workouts will reflect this holistic, balanced approach and will often blend two or more of these elements into a single training session.