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bike box volunteer -

 GGTC has upto 6 bike boxes available for rent - for GGTC Members Only

Bike Box Policies:
  • Rental available in 7 day increments.
  • Rental fees are $10.00 per case per week for one of the four the TRICO cases
  • Rental fees are $40.00 per case per week for one of the two the Thule cases
  • Three week maximum rental during peak season (April 1 through September 30).
  • No refunds on the rental fee once reservations are made. 
  • Any reservation changes require prior approval or coordinator, as it may affect other reservations.
  • $25 a day late fee, with possibility of losing future rental privileges depending on circumstances.
  • A deposit of $100.00 per case is required.  Your deposit will be returned upon agreed upon return of the bike case.
  • Do NOT give the case to someone without coordinator's approval.  If case is passed on without approval, $100 deposit will be forfeited and rental privileges suspended.  (we really don't want to have to enforce this rule).

To make a reservation -  email:

Confirmation of availability will be returned via email, with instructions for payment of rental fee/ deposit & agreement.


Confirmed reservations will be displayed in the above calendar.

Pick-up/return will be arranged by bike box volunteer at the storage location.
It is your responsibility to ensure the boxes are returned to GGTC in a timely manner.

A bit about the cases
Four of the cases are from TRICO. They accommodate most bike sizes (I have not heard of anyone who as of yet was not able to fit their bike in one). They require you to disassemble some part of your bike. The TRICO cases cost $10 per week to rent.
Two of the cases are Thule Round Trip Transition Bike Cases. They also accommodate most bike sizes. Since these are higher quality new cases and require less disassembly, these two case will cost $40 per week to rent.

How do you get your bike in one?
 The cases require you to take off your wheels, seat, pedals, and either loosen and roll your handlebars or take them out all together). Tools are NOT included with the cases -- so be prepared to have a headset wrench and a pedal wrench along with your basic Allen wrenches. You will also need the plastic skewer things to put between the front and back forks.  Your bike, shoes, helmet, wetsuit, water bottles, and few other items MAY also fit (depending on your bike size), but watch out for airline weight limits.  If you get bike box and still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact bike box volunteer.  Or, make arrangements in advance with your favorite bike shop.


Reminder:  Mind the luggage weight limit.

Bikes on Airplanes
All airlines charge a fee each way to take your bike -- the fee averages about $80, EACH WAY.  The cases have GOLDEN GATE TRIATHLON CLUB written all over them and most have race stickers on them so trying to lie about it not being a bike probably won't work.  Most airports require that you check your bike at the Odd Size baggage check in.  The cases also fit into the trunk/ backseat of a 4-door car.  Compact 2-doors generally won't work.

Bike cases sent via UPS or other shipping
Please do not ship the bike/ box without prior approval.  Shipping delays may impact the next reservation.  Not cool & will result in late fees and possible suspension of rental privileges.