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Alii Drive: Nirvana

Banana Hammock: see also "Speedo"

Biff (a/k/a laying it down): To crash on your bike, although more common to mountain biking.

Bonk: hit "the wall", run out of energy due to inadequate fuel intake

BOPper: Back of the Pack triathlete

Brain freeze or ice-cream headache: the sensation experienced when leaping from the boat into SF Bay at the Alcatraz triathlon, or at Pacific Grove

Brick: a two-sport workout, one immediately following the other. Most often it means a bike followed by a run

Bullet-head: descriptive term for athlete in a swim cap

Carbo load: cramming down carbohydrate-rich foods in the day(s) prior to an event

Clydesdale: weight category for the gravitationally gifted

DQ: Disqualification

DNF: Did not finish

Draft: following in the slipstream of another athlete, most often referred to on the bike, but also applies on the swim

Fullsuit: a full-body wetsuit with arms and legs

Gazelle or greyhound: talented runner

Gu: An energy gel

Hydrate: drinking, drinking, and drinking more (water or energy drinks) followed by peeing, peeing, and peeing more

IM: Abbreviation for Ironman distance and fractions thereof (e.g. 1/2 IM). Can also be used to abbreviate certain Ironman races, such as IMC (Canada), IMA (Australia).

Interval: pain

ITU: the Evil Empire, no not really....

ITU World Cup: Draftathlon

Kona: Mecca

Longjohn: a wetsuit with full legs but no arms shortjohn = a wetsuit with short legs and no arms

MOPper: Middle of the Pack triathlete

Negative split: Running the second half faster that the first half

Olympic distance: 1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run (although, *officially*, the IOC has banned the use of this term >:-P )

On your left: What you should say as you attempt to pass another biker

PAM: Slippery, spray on lubricant used to encourage easy removal of a wet suit. Also used for baking and frying foods for its non-stick properties.

Paula Newby-Fraser: Queen of the Ironpeople, Queen of Kona, Queen of All Things Triathlon

Poser: athlete with all the gear but no training

QR: Quintana Roo = Cool wetsuits and tribikes, but not as cool as IM VO2 Stealth Suit!

Qualify: earn a slot in the Hawaii Ironman lottery = hope for the Rest of Us

Queen K: The Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway

Quwegibo: Large, balding, apelike . . .(obscure Simpsons reference) later Eddie "COOL they got a BLIMP" The TICK

Road rash: The result of Biffing (see above)

T1: swim-to-bike transition

T2: bike-to-run transition

The Energy Lab: Hell

The Grip: "Mark Allen"

The Man: see "Dave Scott"

Tinman: "Scott Tinley"

Tri-bike: bicycle specifically designed for triathlons, characterized by steep seat tube angle, 650c wheels, and a very "forward" position, all geared toward improving the rider's aerodynamics and efficiency

Vigo: Race director in the Mid-Atlantic region responsible for such lovely Sunday mornings including The Columbia Triathlon, Blackwater Eagleman, and Age Groups Nat's. See also "The Man (other than Dave Scott)".

Wave: Groups of athletes starting together at the swim portion of a triathlon. One wave of athletes could be pros, while another could be women between 30 and 39.

Wheelsucker: unscrupulous bozo on a bike who drafts during a race

Wingnut: "Wendy Ingraham"

Woodstock west: The wildflower Triathlon Festival





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