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We’re all volunteers here to make your experience with the GGTC team the best and most valuable it can be. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to contact us at any time.

In 2014 I dared myself to do my first half-marathon, thinking that would be the end of “endurance sports” for me. Somehow I was convinced to be crazy enough to do an Olympic Triathlon and despite my horrible bike handling skills I signed up for Wildflower in 2015 and haven’t looked back since.

When I am not training I work for Wells Fargo in SEC reporting, love to travel, try new things, drink wine and spend time with my friends and family. I cannot say enough positive things about GGTC, and I am so happy to be serving as President for 2018!
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I look forward to training weekend this year, and I plan to participate in a handful of races. I'm a manager at Sports Basement Presidio, so stop by and say hi anytime!
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I moved to America from the land down under 3 years ago, and I brought with me one suitcase and my bike. I went to several different riding groups’ rides, but the strength and depth of Athlete’s at GGTC is what first attracted me….. and the social side is what locked me in. Since then my closest friends, my SF family are members of GGTC.

When not on the bike, in the pool or running around… so my spare time, I work with startups providing outsourced CFO services before they have the need of a full time CFO; so as your Treasurer your money is in good hands.

I had a big injury mid-2017, and a second surgery following September 2017, so I am re-building, but hoping to start hitting the Olympic distance circuit mid-2018.
After moving to San Francisco and getting into running marathons I was hooked but I was still looking to challenge myself more, so I bought a bike and began training for my first Vineman 70.3. After doing a couple olympics that same year I began training for IM whistler 2015, and continued that IM journey with Lake Placid in 2017. I joined GGTC to meet more people that also have the same interest and passion for Triathlons that I have.

When Im not outdoors, or training for Triathlons I am organizing lives one room at a time as a Professional Organizer. This Year I plan on racing Wildflower Long Course, and Boulder 70.3, I will likely throw in a couple shorter fun races in there also.
In June of 2015 - I decided to do my first triathlon. I didn't train, I borrowed a kit from my coworker, I had just put clipless pedals on my bike the night before, and I did it. Finishing the race was the best feeling, and I couldn't wait to do another! I then signed up for an Olympic race, and again did not really train... When I decided my new goal was a Half Ironman I knew I should train a bit more, and that's when I discovered GGTC. I have now completed 3 Half Ironmans and many other races over the years. My 2018 race season will include something at Wildflower, Couer D'Alene 70.3, and I'm not sure what else!

One of the main reasons I joined Golden Gate was to meet people to swim with at Aquatic Park, but I ended meeting an amazing group of friends that I love to hang out with! I love taking on new buddies so that their introduction to the club can be as welcoming as mine was.

I was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin. When I'm not training/spending time with family & friends, I work in Project Management for Sephora on Market Street and enjoy skiing, rock climbing, dancing, yoga, cooking, eating, and going to the wine country!
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Hello…is this thing on? Ahem
Now this is a story about how my life got triathlon turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit and see; I’ll tell you how I became the bike director of a club called GGTC. In Central Florida, born and raised; running outside and at the beach is how I spent most of my days. Chillin’ out, running 5ks, relaxin’ all cool; and occasionally swimming in the pool. When a couple of triahletes who were up to no good; started ridin’ bikes in my neighborhood. I did one little triathlon and I got hooked; I said “I’m movin’ by myself to California”, flights got booked

I was lookin’ for some friends and when they came near; triathlon bikes said "fresh" and they had smiles to the ear. If anything I could say that this club was rare; and I thought yah, let’s do it, yo my new home’s right here.aSo far I registered up for 1 triathlon in 2018; and I yelled "Yo, Wildflower Olympic, know what mean?!" Wednesday night track or Saturday Bike Ride, I’m always there, yeah me; to sit on my saddle as the bike director of GGTC.
After moving to SF from ATL, I joined GGTC in January 2017 to find a community of athletes-friends to train with and push my athletic abilities to the next level. Although I had experience in swim, bike and run, I had never done a triathlon before… much less a competitive race beyond a 5K since I was a kid! I participated in both OLY programs for Monte Rio and Santa Cruz, and the experience was incredible: finding skill, strength, courage, and inspiration in sport that I never knew I possessed, and making wonderful friends in the process.

Originally from the Southeast, I work as a strategy consultant at Kaiser Permanente, and enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, cycling, hiking, skiing, dancing and yoga. In 2018, I’ll be racing Wildflower Olympic, Coeur d’Alene 70.3, as well as the Kaiser Half Marathon and various cycling events and Gran Fondos. I’m always up for a bike ride!
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In 2015, right after graduating college and moving back down to San Francisco for work I decided to try something new and do a triathlon. I joined GGTC's OLY program at the suggestion of my older brother who is also in the club and instantly fell in love with the club. I've worked my way from sprint triathlons to 70.3s with my last one being Vineman. My main race I am training for this year is the Wildflower Long Course.

When I'm not doing triathlons, I do Construction Project Management in San Francisco Building Parks. San Francisco hands down has the best parks in case you were wondering ;) I also enjoy camping, snowboarding, playing golf, and long walks on the beach.
After completing my third marathon in 2008, I realized that it was time to transition to triathlons. I decided to get my feet wet and join Team in Training while leaving in NYC. I remember telling my coach Scott, I'm a runner, I'm not a swimmer. I finally crossed my first triathlon finish line in 2009 when I completed the Westchester Triathlon. When I realized that I didn't drown in the ocean, I suddenly got hooked on the sport.

I joined GGTC in 2015 when I first moved from New York. I couldn't imagine living in SF without being a part of this amazing community, When I'm not hanging out with the club, I teach third graders in a private school in San Francisco. My upcoming races include Wildflower and Coeur d'Alene 70.3. My goals for 2018 include focusing on nutrition and strength training.
I joined GGTC in 2014 to train for my first Ironman in Lake Tahoe. I didn’t know a single person, but I met this really nice guy named Mark Bollozos at the kick-off meeting who ended up as my husband! Since then, I’ve done 3 Ironmans including Kona (ask me to tell you the story about how I got in!) and a slew of shorter distance races. I <3 GGTC. Being active in the club is such a great way to meet new people, to accomplish goals, and expand your knowledge. Plus, it’s cheaper than :-)

In real life I work in Finance at Electronic Arts (a.k.a. EA Sports). So, if you have a console at home and want some EA games, let me know! I also teach spin classes which has been a ton of fun.

This year I plan on working on my running speed & efficiency and focusing more on running events. See you all at the track, on weekend runs, and at the starting line!
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In 2015, I decided to stop thinking about triathlon and actually go for it. With five weeks of ‘training’, a bike I bought off Craigslist and some running shoes I picked up at Target, I got off the couch and showed up for the Oakland Sprint Triathlon. Two objectives - finish and survive (my parents still think I’m going to be eaten by a whale). Through that process I was introduced to GGTC and got hooked on the sport at the same time.

2016 I joined GGTC and found an amazing community of people who are equally generous as they are ambitious. Since, I have completed two half marathons, five Olympic distance and four sprint distance triathlons. 2018 has the first 70.3 Half Ironman on the schedule to go along with three Olympics and of course the baseline race: Oakland Sprint Triathlon. If I’m not racing, I am likely cheering on our teammates at the GGTC station! Hope to see you on the course!

Originally hail from North Carolina with stints in Boston and Los Angeles. I enjoy cooking, smooth jazz, basketball, skiing and long walks on the beach at sunset. By day, I’m a mild-mannered business development exec. By night, I’m looking for a high stakes game of Hold ‘em or Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots.

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I’ve always been a competitive swimmer and signed up for my first triathlon in 2015. It was my first time on a road bike and one of the only times I had ever run more than 3 miles. After finishing, I signed up for GGTC, went to wildflower training weekend, and caught the racing bug!

In my swimming career, I swam in college and was captain of the Penn swim team. A sprinter at heart, my best event was the 50 free. This past year I did both of the OLY and HIT training programs and learned how to survive races that lasted longer than 23 seconds! GGTC has a great community of people to train with – and it helps that the happy hours are awesome.

Next year I am doing IM Santa Rosa 70.3, HITS, and will likely sign up for many more. Outside of the triathlon world I work in sales at Glassdoor and love to travel whenever the opportunity arises.
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I signed up and completed my first triathlon in 2013 when I did the “tri for fun” sprint triathlon with a friend. I had virtually no training and no clue how a triathlon worked. I had borrowed a friend’s mountain bike that was two sizes too small for me and asked around in transition where on my swimsuit I was supposed to pin my number.

I’ve come a long way since my first triathlon and signed up for GGTC in January 2016. I joined hoping to find a group of people to occasionally run or bike with on the weekends and over my short time in GGTC I’ve found that and so much more. I’ve met so many amazing people in the club and have made a lot of great new friends.

Last year I completed a couple Olympic distant races and this year I’m looking to finish my first Half Ironman at Coeur d’Alene, as well as racing Monte Rio and Napa Hits Olympic distance. I love everything that GGTC has to offer and I’m so excited to be on the board for 2017.
My first triathlon was the Malibu Nautica Triathlon Olympic Distance with an ocean swim and I was completely unprepared. It took me over an hour to complete just the swim. I was so angry about it I trained solely in Aquatic Park and the next year I cut my swim time in half. I joined GGTC to become more technically proficient at the sport and found a fantastic group of friends with the same interests and goals.

In 2018 I plan on Oceanside 70.3 IRONMAN, Buffalo Lakes 70.3 IRONMAN, Oakland Tri, Nautica Malibu Tri, Marin County Tri, CAF San Diego Triathlon Challenge, LA Marathon, Two Cities Marathon, and CAF B2B NorCal Challenge.

In real life I’m the Chief Creative Catalyst & Founder of babaLucas Creative, an online branding and website design firm. In my spare time I like to cook, walk my dog, geek out over GoT, and good design + continue to inspire both challenged athletes as well as able-bodied athletes through my blog and speaking »
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