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We're all volunteers here to make your experience with the GGTC team the best and most valuable it can be. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to contact us at any time.

I joined GGTC 6 years ago and it was definitely one of the best decisions that I made since moving to San Francisco. When not racing, I lead a busy and active life. I'm an entrepreneur (own a management firm called Presidio Sports Management), am the co-founder of Team Cancer Sucks (a non-profit org that raises funds for patients and families affected by cancer) and am in my second (and last) term as the Chief Steward of my beloved GGTC. When I'm not juggling all of these responsibilities, I'm training for the next endurance challenge or just chilling with my family.

In 2017, I'll race a handful of triathlons and road races including the Marin Ultra Challenge 50, HITS Napa Valley, Vineman Monte Rio, Berlin Marathon and the Franklin Mountains 50k.
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During college I decided to do my first triathlon. A running injury delayed my race for five years. Finally, in 2014, I participated in the sprint triathlon at Tri Santa Cruz and it was everything I hoped it would be. After training and racing alone, I decided I wanted a training group and that led me to GGTC.

And what a great experience it's been! Training with the club brings me great joy. Naturally, I want to share that with others so I joined the volunteer board of directors to contribute to the community.

Professionally, I am an electrical engineer and work at a robotics company. In my spare time I juggle too many hobbies which currently include cheese and bread making, reading, cooking, growing plants, and keeping an aquarium.
I joined GGTC back in 2012 as a way to make new friends and stay in shape. Four years later, I've done so many more events, races and met more awesome people that I ever thought I would. I loved it so much, I joined the board and this is my second year as the club's Treasurer.

I took a break from racing last year, so looking forward to getting back into it for 2016! My first tri of the year will probably be good old Wildflower. Outside of the club, I work for a software start up, love to travel and explore.
I relocated to San Francisco for work in January, 2016 and wanted to find a community that would allow me to make friends, explore this amazing city, and enjoy San Francisco as my new home. GGTC has done just that! In July I joined GGTC, participated in the OLY program and completed my first triathlon in September. It was an experience of a lifetime! I grew up playing softball and basketball, so tri club was a little different! I love to run, recently picked up road biking and knew swimming would be my most challenging sport but I could do it!

Professionally, I am a sales rep for Kimberly-Clark, so if you are ever in need of some Scott or Kleenex just let me know! In addition to GGTC, I am extremely passionate about my family, friends, traveling, Spanish, wine, coffee and the outdoors. This Georgia peach is a huge fan of country music. I am thrilled to be on the Board in 2017 and give back to this wonderful club that has done so much for me! I plan to race Napa Hits, Santa Cruz and Marin in 2017.
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In June of 2015 - I decided to do my first triathlon. I didn't train, I borrowed a kit from my coworker, I had just put clipless pedals on my bike the night before, and I did it. Finishing the race was the best feeling, and I couldn't wait to do another! I then signed up for an Olympic race, and again did not really train... When I decided my new goal was a Half Ironman I knew I should train a bit more, and that's when I discovered GGTC. I finally did my first 70.3 at Santa Cruz 2016! Next year I plan to do Santa Rosa 70.3 and hopefully Couer d'Alene 70.3. I will also do some Olympic Tris along with half marathons and maybe a full marathon! One of the main reasons I joined Golden Gate was to meet people to swim with at Aquatic Park, but I ended meeting an amazing group of friends that I love to hang out with! I love taking on new buddies so that their introduction to the club can be as welcoming as mine was.
I was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin, and when I'm not training or spending time with family/friends, I work for Pottery Barn Kids at the corporate office on the Embarcadero.
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My first triathlon was a Tri for Fun sprint race in 2000. I gradually added longer distance races and joined GGTC in 2004 to get training motivation and run coaching for my first Ironman. Now I mostly do half ironman (70.3) and ironman races. I've completed 7 Ironman races, with one Kona (Ironman World Championships) qualification and race. My 2017 triathlon race schedule includes Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3, Ironman Hawaii 70.3, Donner Lake Half, Ironman Santa Cruz 70.3 and possibly another half ironman race. 

I’m living the tri life: training (a lot) and racing, serving as a brand ambassador for My Soxy Feet (high quality athletic socks) and Shift (San Francisco’s premiere indoor cycling studio), Pierce Footwear and Dixie Devil (Boho Chic endurance wear.) I’m also a ski fanatic spend about a third of my time in Squaw Valley. You can find out more about me and my racing in my blog.
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I'm a lifelong runner and my first triathlon was the Danskin Sprint in 1993 . Fast forward to 2013, I got into the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon and I was reunited with my love of triathlon. After completing Escape from Alcatraz, I knew that I could do an Ironman so in 2014 I joined the GGTC and haven't looked back. An Ironman and multiple IM70.3's later, I'm loving supporting new women in the sport of triathlon by leading the Women For Tri programing for the GGTC. As your Membership Director, I look forward to welcoming women and men of all ages and abilities to the GGTC and supporting all of you with cool membership perks and programs.

I’m a cycling fanatic and am in the process of launching a cool bike accessory brand called To Go Bike, to power your bike rides in a safer and smarter way. I'm a Brand Ambassador for TriSirena, IamVelocity, FoHerCo, Women For Tri and Shift-SF. My 2017 race schedule includes IM SantaRosa70.3, IM Hawaii70.3, IM Mont Tremblant, IM Santa Cruz 70.3 and IM AZ 70.3. Happy training and racing!
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I joined GGTC when my good friend Pedro brought me to the Kona viewing party a few years ago. After I attended, I signed up for the club because I met so many people with similar interests! I soon started training for my first triathlon and have since competed in multiple races and relays with my new friends.

In real life I'm a Manager at Sports Basement and soon-to-be ambulance driver and EMT, I have a passion for an active lifestyle. While I love spending time with my roommate (also a member) I keep busy with work and school and GGTC events!

This year I plan to participate in training weekend and a handful of races. I will continue to attend as many events and workouts as I can. Feel free to reach out to me with any ideas you may have and any of your gear needs!
I got into triathalons due to boredom with the same exercise routine, and wanted to have a race event to work towards and stay motivated. After my first olympic distance race in 2016, I was hooked to both GGTC and triathlons.

When not swimming, biking, or running, I enjoy rock climbing, boxing, and playing Mario Kart Wii.
I grew up in the South Bay, where I ran cross-country and track in high school. A couple years after graduating college I bought my first road bike and have been addicted to riding since.

I joined GGTC in 2014 and got into triathlon. I have made many friends and memories with this club and looking forward to new ones! This year, I plan on doing the Copenhagen and San Francisco Marathons, HITS and Monte Rio Olympic Triathlons, and the Santa Cruz IM70.3 In real life, I do strategy / finance / operations at software companies (currently at Slack).
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I got into triathlon as a way to stay in shape and keep competing during an off year for another sport. After joining GGTC and completing two sprint races in 2016, I was hooked!

Being a part of GGTC made training for three new sports a lot more approachable and I have already made some incredible friends. In real life I work as a healthcare consultant and I coach diving for a local high school. This year I'm planning on racing at HITS Napa, Vineman Monte Rio, and Morro Bay and will also be training for my second FINA Masters World Championships for diving.
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I’ve always been a competitive swimmer and signed up for my first triathlon in 2015. It was my first time on a road bike and one of the only times I had ever run more than 3 miles. After finishing, I signed up for GGTC, went to wildflower training weekend, and caught the racing bug!

In my swimming career, I swam in college and was captain of the Penn swim team. A sprinter at heart, my best event was the 50 free. This past year I did both of the OLY and HIT training programs and learned how to survive races that lasted longer than 23 seconds! GGTC has a great community of people to train with – and it helps that the happy hours are awesome.

Next year I am doing IM Santa Rosa 70.3, HITS, and will likely sign up for many more. Outside of the triathlon world I work in sales at Glassdoor and love to travel whenever the opportunity arises.
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I signed up and completed my first triathlon in 2013 when I did the “tri for fun” sprint triathlon with a friend. I had virtually no training and no clue how a triathlon worked. I had borrowed a friend’s mountain bike that was two sizes too small for me and asked around in transition where on my swimsuit I was supposed to pin my number.

I’ve come a long way since my first triathlon and signed up for GGTC in January 2016. I joined hoping to find a group of people to occasionally run or bike with on the weekends and over my short time in GGTC I’ve found that and so much more. I’ve met so many amazing people in the club and have made a lot of great new friends.

Last year I completed a couple Olympic distant races and this year I’m looking to finish my first Half Ironman at Coeur d’Alene, as well as racing Monte Rio and Napa Hits Olympic distance. I love everything that GGTC has to offer and I’m so excited to be on the board for 2017.
I have been a part of the club for 4 years now! I always thought triathletes looked so badass I couldn't wait to be one, but had no idea how to get started. My friend Michael Stricklan invited me to the end of year party and even though I didn't know anyone there besides him, I had such a great time and could tell it was a good group of people. I was sooo intimated though! I was too scared to work out with everyone so I only went to Happy Hours for the first year to see if I would fit in!

I finally got the courage to start working out with the club and the rest is history! The races I'm doing this year are Napa HITS, Monte Rio, Vineman 70.3, and my very first full Ironman - Ironman Mt. Tremblant!
My first triathlon was the Malibu Nautica Triathlon Olympic Distance with an ocean swim and I was completely unprepared. It took me over an hour to complete just the swim. I was so angry about it I trained solely in Aquatic Park and the next year I cut my swim time in half. I joined GGTC to become more technically proficient at the sport and found a fantastic group of friends with the same interests and goals. In 2017 I plan on Oakland Tri, Tri Santa Cruz, Nautica Malibu Tri, and any other Bay Area Tri with a Parathlete Division.

In real life I’m the Chief Creative Catalyst & Founder of babaLucas Creative, an online branding and website design firm. In my spare time I like to cook, grill, walk my dog, geek out over cigars, GoT, and good design + continue to inspire both challenged athletes as well as able-bodied athletes through my blog and speaking »
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In 2014 I dared myself to do my first half-marathon, thinking that would be the end of “endurance sports” for me. Somehow I was convinced to be crazy enough to do an Olympic Triathlon and despite my horrible bike handling skills I signed up for Wildflower in 2015. Now two years later, I have competed in several half-marathons, a couple triathlons and completed my first marathon last year.

When I am not training I work for Wells Fargo in SEC reporting, love to travel, try new things, drink wine and spend time with my friends and family. I cannot say enough positive things about GGTC, and I am so happy to be on the board again for 2017.