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2018 Wildflower Training Weekend

Wildflower Training Weekend is BACK!!


This training weekend is a long-standing GGTC tradition nearly as old as the club itself. A little background: in the Spring of 1992 we had about a dozen members in the Redonda Vista campground where the GGTC would camp on race weekend. Coach Duane Franks remembers “moving two picnic tables together so it could hold our ‘large’ gathering. We called it our ‘secret training weekend.’”


Be prepared to train, learn, socialize, compete, and enjoy a weekend of triathlon and fun! Our usual shenanigans will be had (read: beer mile) in addition to some new ones.


This will be a training camp for all levels of athletes and a great time to meet new people and make new friends! We will preview both the Olympic and Long courses of Wildflower!!


Please reach out to Liz Davis with any questions



Registration Dates

Registration for members will open on March 1st.

Registration for non-members will open on March 20th.



Cabin versus Camping

The website events setup requires us to setup registration in a way that may be unclear.

  • If you want a cabin bed, you must select to add-on a cabin spot for an additional $60 during the registration process.
  • There is limited availability and we expect them to sell out quickly.
  • Beds sleep 2 people and you can request a buddy during the registration process.

Bathrooms/Showers: For campers, there are the usual big bathrooms with communal showers, so bring shower shoes and wear your kit or swimsuit if you would like! These are the main option for showers during race weekend as well. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!

Rain Camping: Please see Ambassador Wesley's Guide to Rain Camping



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Cabin Assignments

You may want to bring blankets/sleeping bags/pillows, as the condition of those at the lake may not be the best. If you have not heard from your cabin leader - please do not bug them. They will be reaching out to you soon!! (If you don't hear from them this weekend, let ME know). Cabin list is HERE.



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Looking to Carpool?

Do NOT forget to fill out the "Camper Carpools Training Weekend 2018" form from your email to find a ride/offer a ride/ or list yourself as a car. YOU MUST BE ON THIS LIST IN COLUMN J TO GET A CAR PASS.


Once we have as many cars arranged, we will fill in carpools as needed. Questions? Please e-mail Liz directly, and she will get back to you as soon as she can.


Here's a Google Map of our destination to generate directions.Long Course



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Download Schedule/Checklist Here

Friday: Check-in, dinner, hang out, get ready for a big day Saturday!

Saturday: Morning Swim & Bike (Oly and Long Course will be led by Kate/JD), BBQ Dinner for everyone (included), Dance Party

Sunday: Run & Strength (Mario and Nate), Check-out

Course Maps: Please study these maps and turn-by-turn directions!! There will be some printouts as well, but I do not want to hear of people getting lost. If you want to print out directions for yourself, please do!! Olympic Course - Long Course

More details to come



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Everyone has a chance to hang out and chat with our coaches. A major perk of attending our training weekend.
  • Nate Helming, Fitness Coach
  • Mario Fraioli, Running Coach
  • Kate Ligler (and her assistant), Half-Ironman Training Program Coach & Cycling Program Coach
  • John Dahlz, Olympic Distance Training Program Coach



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Saturday BBQ feast is included in the weekend fee,
on your own for all other meals

There will be one small convenience store open for us. I do NOT recommend relying on it! There are NO other stores nearby, so please BRING AS MUCH AS YOU CAN (or live off of clif bars for a weekend like I did). DO NOT FORGET YOU NEED TO SUPPLY YOUR OWN WATER!! 2 gallons is recommended.



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What to Bring

  • ALL Triathlon gear!
  • WATER WATER WATER and beer or other adult beverages you may want to consume
  • If camping (you need everything: like tent, sleeping bag, etc)
  • Food for all meals EXCEPT dinner on Saturday is provided
  • Nutrition for training (some will be available from sponsors, but make sure to bring some as well)
  • If camping (you need everything: like tent, sleeping bag, etc)




  Dates: April 6-8


  Location: Lake San Antonio Shore, Bradley, CA 

  190 miles from SF (map)


  Registration: Open March 1

  Open to Non-Members After March 20


  Member Cost: $150 for Cabin
  Member Cost: $90 for Tent Camping


  Non-Member Cost: $175 for Cabin
  Non-Member Cost: $115 for Tent Camping


  Questions: email



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