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100 x 100 Swim Challenge

Challenge yourself

Join us for the universal test of endurance in the pool and swim as many 100yd sets as you can muster. The challenge is a favorite with swim coaches and professional teams, especially to welcome the New Year. Here's how it works: You swim 100 yards (four laps). You take a quick break. You repeat this up to a 100 times.

We'll be doing our challenge at our favorite outdoors pool, the Tam High Pool. Friends are welcome to cheer you on! Also: Music! Coffee! Snacks! 

Challenge a friend, give the gift of motivation

This 100 x 100 challenge is also a fundraiser for our non-profit partner, the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Here's how it works:

  1. Think of a friend you'd like to see succeed in the water.
  2. Then, open the Pledge Spreadsheet and pledge to support your friend with a donation for each 100yd swam.
  3. Every time your friend thinks of giving up, they know that just another 100yd means a bit more money for the many impactful programs ran by the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, which maintains and builds trails & connects and advocates for parks and open spaces.
  4. After the event, GGTC certifies how much your friend actually swam. You then donate the amount of money "earned" by your friend to the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to swim 10,000 yards?

No! You can start with 100 yards. Challenge yourself and see how far you can make it - any distance is a success as long as it's one to you!

Do I need to come at 8am?

You can come and swim anytime between 8am and noon. We're only starting that early to give our most ambitious swimmers as much time as possible.

How much time do I have?

We have the pool from 8:15am until noon, so roughly 3 hours and 45 minutes. If you do want to finish 10,000 yards in that time, you'll need to keep at least a 2:15 pace per 100yd.

Is this good training for a triathlete?

We think so, but let's hear it from Dan Bullock, Head Coach of triathlon swim specialists, Swim for Tri:

"Confidence, mental toughness and tenacity are all tested along with the physical demands. Do you have to do it to swim an IRONMAN? No, of course not. Will you feel like you can comfortably swim the distance next year, then bike and run? Yes, I think you should be very positive.

I love the challenge of long distance events. Often taking you beyond your current limits and exploring what you may or may not thought possible. 3+ hours in the pool is also a nice long time to be working on stroke defects and allowing you a good amount of time to refine and perfect a certain element of your stroke that might have been causing issues."


When: February 19th, 8:00am - 12pm
Length: Between 100 and 10,000yd
Cost: $20 for Members, $30 for Non-Members
Questions: Felix Rieseberg -

Donations Support Our Non-Profit Partner

Donations benefit GGTC's Non-Profit Partner, Bay Area Ridge Trail. Thanks to GGTC members, coaches, and participants; we have granted over $100,000 to local non-profit organizations that share our commitment of offering physical fitness opportunities to our Bay Area community. Click here to read more about the Non-Profit Partnership program.

Golden Gate Triathlon Club is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization.

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