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Golden Gate Triathlon Club is excited to continue to offer its members this exciting opportunity to participate in a 13 week indoor cycling program at Shift SF. Shift is a San Francisco based indoor cycling studio that offers professionally coached group workouts utilizing the latest in Computrainer Technology. Many triathletes of all levels increase their cycling ability by utilizing indoor cycling workouts.

This program consists of one weekly indoor cycling class at Shift geared specifically towards triathletes. The class will be composed exclusively of GGTC members and taught by one of Shift’s expert instructors. This is a great opportunity to sweat it out with fellow GGTC members!

The program is designed to improve your performance and technique related to cycling. Be open minded to changing your current approach to cycling as well as prepared to listen, learn and apply in class instructions.

Space is limited to for GGTC members, so secure your spot now! You MUST be a member to participate in this program.

Session 1

WildFlower Tri Focus
Feb 5 - April 30

Through this program, our aim is to make you a better cyclist by focusing on strength, stamina and technique. And you’ll definitely have a lot of fun doing it!

Program Length:  13 Weeks

Session Time:  Mondays 6:00-7:30pm

Location:  Shift SF (map)

Coach:  Kate Ligler

Slots Available:  41 GGTC Members Only


You Must Bring Your Own Bike

Registration is first come first serve & fills quickly.

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Registration Closed

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Session 2

IRONMAN 70.3 Santa Cruz Focus
July 2 - Sep 3

Through this program, our aim is to make you a better cyclist by focusing on strength, stamina and technique. And you’ll definitely have a lot of fun doing it!

Program Length:  10 Weeks

Session Times:  Monday Nights 6-7:30pm for HIT Program athletes
Session Times:  Monday Nights 6:30-8pm open to ALL GGTC athletes

Location:  SHIFT (map)

Coach:  Ivonne Garcia

Slots Available:  41 GGTC Members Only

Cost:  $20for entire series (no refunds if classes missed)

Additional Info:

  • REGISTER AT THE SHIFT WEBSITE - LINK BELOW - If you have to create an account, afterwards search for July 2 to find registration
  • You Must Bring Your Own Bike
  • Registration is first come first serve & fills quickly.
  • No "replacement" classes, only good for custom GGTC series classes

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Registration Closed

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Attendance Policy For 2018 Sessions

Due to demand issues associated with this class, we will be implementing an attendance policy. If you know before you sign-up that you fall short of the following expectations, do not deprive your fellow GGTC members of this opportunity to improve their performance.

This offer is not valid for any other day or time and all program fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Missing 3 classes in a row
Missing more than 5 total classes

If you should violate these criteria you may be removed from the current session without refund and barred from participating in future sessions.

There will be no exceptions to this policy.

About Shift SF

Shift classes are led by expert coaches, professional athletes and sports performance research leaders. They thrive on a culture of higher education, community and coaches who genuinely care about making your technique, experience and performance the best it can be.

Cycling class scripts at Shift are written by Elite Triathlon Coach Matt Dixon. Matt Dixon coaches world class triathletes like Sarah Piampiano and Jesse Thomas.

About Ivonne Garcia

Ivonne Garcia has been an endurance athlete for the past 6 years ranging from road running races to long distance triathlon to ultra trail running.

She is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, a triathlete coach, and has co-led GGTC's Women For Tri program and Half Ironman Training (HIT) program. She is currently the General Manager at SHIFT Cycling Studio as well as a cycling and strength coach.


What to Bring/Wear?

  • Your bike
  • Bike shoes
  • Water bottles (you bring them and we will fill them for you during class as needed!)
  • If you have a "skewer" for you back wheel that works with a computrainer, please bring it. If you don't know what this is or not sure if your bike will need one, no worries. Shift will have them available for $10 at SHIFT the night of your first class and then you can simply bring it each week.
  • Bike shorts with a chamois just like you would riding outdoors
  • Comfortable top or bike jersey
  • Be prepared to sweat a lot more than you would outside, so keep this in mind for your clothes selection
  • We have locker rooms with showers available so if you want to shower after class etc., just bring your clothes. Shift provides towels as well as shampoo, conditioner and soap for you.

Who else it there?

We have the whole cycling room to ourselves on Tuesday night. So it is all GGTC all the time.

Arrival time?

Please do your best to arrive a little early to allow for setup and to change clothes. The sessions start promptly at 6:30pm. Do your best to arrive on time so that you do not interrupt the session.

Parking near Shift?

For those of you who are driving to Shift, there are a number of garages close by as well as street parking. Most people are able to find street parking relatively easily.

Do I need to attend every session?

You will clearly get the most out of the program by attending every session but almost nobody does, so don't sweat it if you can't make it one night. You will be missed for sure but it's cool. This program has more interest than we can accommodate, registrants should be able to attend 75% of the classes. As registration is limited, if you do not expect that you will be able to attend frequently please consider dropping in at regularly scheduled classes at shift. This will allow your fellow club members who can attend to get the most out of the session.

How do I get the most out of the program?

The program is designed to be built off of attending the first class which involves a testing protocol which sets your zones for the rest of the session. You should seek to attend as many sessions as possible, that way you get the most out of the training program.

Can I make up a missed session?

This program only allows us access for Tuesday night. If you happen to miss a session you cannot attend another class at Shift to make it up, unless you are willing to pay the fees associated with drop-ins. 

I am going to be out of town can my friend take my spot?

No. There are no drop-ins or replacements allowed. You are paying for you and only you to have access to this group workout.

I hear there are often open trainers during the session, can I drop in?

No this is not possible for a variety of reasons. Chiefly because the program is oversold slightly in anticipation that a couple of people will be unable to attend on any given day. We have no idea how to predict this and if there will actually be available spots.

I got hurt after the start of the program; can I get a refund?

No, there are no refunds; we cannot be held responsible for these types of events and will not be able to accommodate this request. We get a discounted rate because we buy in bulk. GGTC makes no money off of this program.

Since signing up my situation has changed and I can no longer attend, what can I do?

Up until the Thursday before the start of the program we will allow you to transfer your seat to another GGTC member. We generally have a wait-list so they will get priority, any transfers that occur outside the wait-list will not be honored. For information about the wait-list please email to If your situation changes after the start of the session for any reason GGTC will not be able to transfer or refund your registration fee.

I know I am going to miss a number of classes, should I still sign-up?

If you know you are only going to miss a couple of classes that is no big deal. However, if you know that you are going to miss more than 5 or 6, perhaps you should consider not participating.

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