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Club rides vary in terms of terrain, pace, distance and regroups. This system is designed to help you choose rides that fit your ability and fitness level. All riders are responsible for choosing rides for which they can maintain the designated pace for the distance and terrain specified. It is not the responsibility of the ride leader to navigate for the group, each individual should know the route and load rides onto bike computers or watches.

Keep in mind that the miles per hour listed is the average miles per hour that a rider's computer registers at the end of the ride. Note that average does not mean how fast you ride with a tailwind or on a flat road. Even if you find yourself riding 15-20 mph on a flat road, your average speed at the end of your ride can still be only 12 mph.


  • EASY - average 8 – 12 mph. These rides regroup frequently and have an easy conversational pace.
  • MODERATE - average 12 – 15 mph. Regroups are usual and will be set by the ride leader. Medium pace and will vary throughout the ride generally.
  • EXPERT - average over 15 mph. These rides are for experienced riders and may not regroup. Regrouping is at the discretion of the ride leader and will be less frequent. 



Terrain Description

 1  Flat GG park, City to Merced 
 2  Gentle Grades Fairfax, Paradise Loop
 3  Rolling Hills Marin Headlands (Hawk Hill)3 Bears
 4  Mostly rolling hills, some steep climbs Pt Reyes LoopMarshall Wall
 5  Very Hilly  Mt DiabloAlpine DamBolinas and Mt Tam

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