GGTC Adventure Race

  • Sun, December 02, 2018
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Register for 2-person team. If you need a partner email Ambassador David Albert about making a partner match.
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The Inaugural GGTC Adventure Race!


  • We will be starting Sunday morning December 2nd and wrapping up with a picnic through the early afternoon.
  • You must be a current GGTC member to participate and all skill levels are welcome.
  • Fee is $90 per team. Sign up is by team and you’ll need to provide your team name, name and contact info for the two team members, and t-shirt sizes.
  • This will sell out and we need to order amazing shirts that you’ll love so sign up ASAP.
  • Seeking a teammate? Go to this forum thread and post your looking for a teammate and connect!


Q: when is the event?

A: Sunday December 2, 2018. Details are still being finalized but we will start around 9am in Fort Mason. There will be about 3 to 4 hours of activity followed by a group picnic.

Q: where is the event?

A: Fort Mason is likely our “home base” with the jog towards Pier 40 near the ballpark to kayak. The bike will be from Fort Mason towards the Presidio and Golden Gate Park.

Q: it’s the off-season. Do I need to be in great shape?

A: Consider it a bit of a choose your own adventure, meaning you can push it or take it a bit easier. Regardless of your speed and experience level, you can have a great time. You are with your teammate for the duration of the event. So it’s recommended you discuss in advance that you are on the same page for what kind of day you want to have. We’ll also need some volunteers so we’d love for you to participate that way if preferred – it will be fun!

Q: What if I need a teammate?

A: Go to this forum thread and post your looking for a teammate and connect!

Q: can I volunteer?

A: YES. We will definitely need several volunteers including at Pier 40 for the kayaks. Please post to the forum thread here.

Q: is this a relay?

A: no. you compete in all events, alongside your teammate. Distances will be around 3 to 4 miles of jogging, 1 to 3 miles kayaking, another 3ish miles of jogging, then 10 to 20 miles road cycling.

Q: what if I’ve never kayaked?

A: I think you’ll be okay, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it out prior to the event. We’ll be using sit on top kayaks which are pretty stable. I’m trying to organize some practice sessions at City Kayak at Pier 40 and will keep you updated.

Q: what do I need to bring?

A: the basic equipment is bike, helmet, running shoes. Dress appropriately for the weather for the day. I’d also suggest extra layers suck as a bike jacket since you might get a little wet on the kayak. You are providing your own water and nutrition so a camelbak would be convenient. A pen and ziplock bag is also needed to carry the map. The event includes a potluck picnic so please bring something for the group. I will allocate points to the teams who take this seriously and deduct points from teams who don’t. Fort Mason does not allow grills, bbqs, and any glass.

Q: is there a fee to participate?

A: there will be a minimal charge to cover the cost of kayaks, permits, and other expenses. The goal is to keep costs down to encourage participation. The event will likely sell out (biggest constraint is the number of kayaks) so sign up early or you might have to miss out.

Q: are costumes allowed?

A: OF COURSE. Costumes are allowed and very much encourage.

Q: are there prizes?

A: If you mean the obvious prize of quality time and making memories with friends and planning outside, then yes. There may or may not be additional prizes. The rumors that Ironman is donating 50 slots to Kona are unfounded.

Q: can my teammate and I use a tandem bike?

A: YES. And it will be a lot of fun. FYI you can rent a tandem bike from Sports Basement’s Fisherman’s Wharf location called Basically Free Bike Rentals ( Hours are 8am-8pm and the tandem bikes are $60 for the day. That $60 can then be used as a credit at any SB location (I think within 48 hours or something like that). If you opt for the rental, I suggest you grab it Saturday afternoon for a practice ride and then you can return it Sunday afternoon after the event. Will being on a tandem be a meaningful advantage – probably not.

Q: is this rain or shine?

A: depends. we’ll keep an eye on the weather the week of the event and communicate if there are any changes. In the unlikely scenario that the event is cancelled, we’ll do our best to find an alternative date or to refund as much money as possible.

Q: does my teammate need to be in GGTC?

A: yes. All participants must be active members of GGTC.

Look forward to seeing you out there!
David Albert, GGTC Ambassador

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