Virtual 20-30min Strength Workouts

  • Tue, December 08, 2020
  • 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM
  • Zoom call-in



Join Communications Director, Ariel for the return of virtual morning strength every week the rest of 2020 on Tuesdays at 7:30am. Get your quick 30-min workout before starting your work day begins.

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Nov 17:

Ladder Workout (VIDEO)

Adding on one exercise each round

ex: round 1:

10 pushups

round 2:

10 pushups

10 lunges (each side)

round 3 

10 pushups

10 lunges (each side)

10 burpees


Nov 24

Singles Workout (VIDEO)

1 min on 30 sec rest x 2 rounds each leg - so 4 rounds all together

line hops

Left Single leg dead lift

Right single leg dead lift

Go through with JUST the right leg then go through with JUST the left leg

Rest 1 min

1 min on 30 sec rest x 3 rounds   

bird dog

single arm plank row

Single Leg Bridges

December 1

Core (VIDEO)

Warmup- 30 sec on - rest as needed- 3 rounds

Jumping Jacks

High knees

Butt kicks

Roll back squats 

Main set - 1 min on 30 sec rest - 3 rounds 

Russian twists

Hollow rocks


Beast pose

When you’re finished - hold a plank for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE - try to beat your previous time!

December 8

Super Sets (VIDEO)

super sets -1 min on 30 sec rest- 3 rounds

( super sets = moving quickly from one exercise to a separate exercise without taking a break for rest in between the two exercises. )

Low lunge —> MTN climbers

30 sec rest

Inchworms —> shoulder taps

30 sec rest

Pushups —> burpees

30 sec rest

Low squat hold —> squat jumps

*for low lunges - 30 sec on each side

December 15

Core strength


30 sec each for 2 rounds

jumping jacks

plank walkouts

squat holds

leg swings

1 min on 15 sec rest for 3 rounds, take 30 sec between each round

plank shoulder taps

side plank reach through left

side plank reach through right 

happy stars

downward dog pushups

December 22

2x the following:

30-sec jumping jacks 

30-sec mountain climbers

30-sec reverse lunges 

15 single leg dead lifts each side

30-sec right leg bridge hold

30-sec left leg bridge hold

30 reverse crunches

30 flutter kicks

30-sec right oblique plank

30-sec left oblique plank

45-sec plank hold

December 29

Repeat the favorite workout listed above to say good-bye to 2020!

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