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[Swim] Winter Sunset AP Swim & Mulled Wine

  • Tue, February 13, 2024
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Aquatic Park, SF (West Bleachers)


Registration is closed

Join Aaron & the Polar Bear Crew for a (most likely) perimeter swim at Aquatic Park. We plan to meet at 5pm on the WEST bleachers (usual spot, left of the museum as you face the water). Please make sure you've done a perimeter before or know what that entails. Know that temps and light are low in the winter. (~1400 yards with one meetup around 2:00 pace per 100 yards or faster.)

Please also bring a floating buoy for your belongings and/or understand that we likely won't have a bag watcher. If you keep things in your car, make sure they are well hidden. Some of us wear a blinking light for safety as it does get dark around when we finish. These can be purchased on Amazon (Adventure Lights Guardian Expedition Light.)

We will be putting our toes in the water by 5:15pm. After the swim we will hang out and drink mulled wine and snack on stuff! Feel free to bring snacks or beverages for afterwards as well, or contribute red wine for next week's mulled wine.

Make sure to have a bright swim cap, CLEAR goggles, body glide, wetsuit, thermal hood, etc... note that the water in winter can get to sub 50 degrees, so you may need to invest in thermal gear, a swim parka, swim light, etc.

Any questions, text Aaron 415-209-4113. I am happy to answer any of your open water swimming questions.