2018 Non-Profit Partnership

GGTC is thrilled to announce that it has selected Real Options for City Kids, or R.O.C.K. for short. R.O.C.K. is an award-winning organization providing positive opportunities for children and youth who need it the most. With over 22 years of experience, R.O.C.K. has become the largest youth-serving organization in Visitacion Valley, a high violence, low-income community located in the Southeast sector of San Francisco.

R.O.C.K.'s programs are designed to serve over 500 children ages 6-17 utilizing a proven youth development framework. R.O.C.K. provides sports and fitness, outdoor adventures, learning enrichment, community service and leadership training to a community lacking in resources. Through our partnership with R.O.C.K., we will have the opportunity to work directly with at-risk youth, volunteering with their team based sports clinics and outdoors adventure programs.

Additionally, R.O.C.K. has put together a charity race team to participate in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon on June 11, 2017 and still has some race slots available. The fundraising commitment is $2,000 and includes, among other things, a Team R.O.C.K. Jersey, R.O.C.K. swag, and a pre-race dinner with other R.O.C.K. race team participants. The proceeds go directly towards helping Visitacion Valley's at-risk youth. If you are interested in one of the charity race slots, please email volunteer@ggtc.org for more information.

Non-Profit Partnership Overview

The Golden Gate Triathlon Club (GGTC) is committed to supporting local partners that work to promote and sustain a culture of active, healthy living in the Bay Area community. In continuing with its commitment for a twelfth year, GGTC has partnered with a local non-profit organization to provide financial and organizational support for the two year program length.

Through the Non-Profit Partnership program, GGTC commits to delivering the following components to the selected Partner:

  • Funding through GGTC training programs: GGTC will donate a portion of participant program fees from its training programs each year. GGTC offers 4-5 Olympic and half-Ironman distance training programs yearly that will benefit the Non-Profit Partnership program. Due to the fluctuation in training program participant numbers, the annual award amount varies. GGTC has typically granted funding awards between $3,000- $4,000 per year from training program fees, although it cannot guarantee a minimum funding amount in advance. The Partner will receive funds from both the 2015 and 2016 training programs.
  • Funding through GGTC fundraisers: GGTC will commit to holding at least one fundraiser independent of the training programs each year to generate additional funds for the Partner.
  • Volunteer participation in at least one event with the Partner: GGTC commits to participation in at least one volunteer event offered by the Partner. The nature of this event is dependent upon the selected Partner. Applicants are asked to describe the type of volunteer opportunities in which GGTC club members could participate.
  • Social media marketing: GGTC will promote the selected Partner through its Facebook communications, club mailing list and training program marketing.

For the past twelve years, GGTC’s TAG (Tri & Give) program has committed a portion of the program fees from its Olympic distance training program, also named TAG (Tri & Give), to provide financial support to selected non-profit organizations committed to promoting healthy and active lifestyles in the Bay Area community. Throughout the program’s history, GGTC has coordinated volunteer opportunities for club members with the grantee organizations, as well as hosted social fundraisers and donation drives to augment the funding award. Over the past twelve years, the TAG training program has donated over $90,000 of its program fees to beneficiaries, including:

  • Special Olympics of Northern California
  • Big Brother/Big Sister of Marin and Napa
  • Girls on the Run Bay Area
  • Real Options for City Kids (ROCK)
  • GirlVentures
  • Jamestown Community Center
  • Lincoln High School cross-country running team
  • KEEN
  • Trips for Kids

In recent years, GGTC has incorporated a portion of the program fees from its half-ironman training program to bolster the amount of this funding award and started to incorporate the full club into its relationship with TAG beneficiaries. To further promote full club participation, starting with the 2015-2016 program, GGTC is changing the name of its beneficiary program from TAG (Tri & Give) to GGTC Non-Profit Partnership. The Olympic distance training program will retain its TAG name.

For more information or any questions about the GGTC Non-Profit Partnership, email volunteer@ggtc.org.

Golden Gate Triathlon Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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